Daily Prompt:  BOTTLE

Okay i do wanna try this type of let’s say challenges every once in while so when i saw the word bottle i remembered this little story that my teacher once told me, it’s not really a story but some type of life lesson :

There was a teacher that was explaining a lesson to his student but each time they said that they didn’t understand and no matter mow much explained that just didn’t till one of his student raised his hand and said : ” this subject is just hard we won’t be able to understand no matter how hard we try ”

So the teacher stopped the lesson and said ” how about a game than ”

The student lightened up and welcomed the idea dearly

He drew a Bottle on the board and inside it he drew a chicken and he asked his students ” how can we set the chicken free without killing the chicken or breaking the bottle ”

The student than started answering and each time they were wrong than one of them shouted ” we can’t answer this why doesn’t the one who put it there just get it out ”

“That’s the right answer” answered the teacher ” you will never understand this subject if you don’t get the idea that you can’t from your minds ”



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