Daily Prompt:  BOTTLE

Okay i do wanna try this type of let’s say challenges every once in while so when i saw the word bottle i remembered this little story that my teacher once told me, it’s not really a story but some type of life lesson :

There was a teacher that was explaining a lesson to his student but each time they said that they didn’t understand and no matter mow much explained that just didn’t till one of his student raised his hand and said : ” this subject is just hard we won’t be able to understand no matter how hard we try ”

So the teacher stopped the lesson and said ” how about a game than ”

The student lightened up and welcomed the idea dearly

He drew a Bottle on the board and inside it he drew a chicken and he asked his students ” how can we set the chicken free without killing the chicken or breaking the bottle ”

The student than started answering and each time they were wrong than one of them shouted ” we can’t answer this why doesn’t the one who put it there just get it out ”

“That’s the right answer” answered the teacher ” you will never understand this subject if you don’t get the idea that you can’t from your minds ”





I don’t believe in LAW, yes you heard me right I just don’t, i am not sure if it’s because i have this mind that simply don’t accept rules, yes even the ones i set for myself, anything that limit me it just makes me so angry be it, time, people, just anything, but mostly because laws are not effective and because they are applied on certain people and others not, because it always takes the side of the one with money and power, i know laws are neutral and are not to blame but people are, thou sometimes even the production itself of those rules is just made wrongly and unfairly…

Now here’s when you start to think am really crazy, the moment you know am going to study law next year. We can’t fix laws, we can’t fix law people, we can’t build a fair world, but we can always try, by studying it I can be one more person to actually use laws properly for their true purpose , and because learning laws will give me the ability to protect myself from my rebellious nature so I can get myself out of problems when needed and for many other reasons actually :

Because I want to help people who are wronged since i truly believe that being wronged is the worst thing ever that can happen to you something that you can never heal from no matter how much u tried to lie to yourself

Because I wanna hear people’s stories and learn more about human nature and meet interesting people

Because it’s fun and never boring no matter what you say

Because if I become a lawyer i can have my own personal working schedule ( work at night and sleep at day )

Because I like being surrounded by all those papers ( let’s say it’s a paper love thingie ‘–‘ hem nevermind )

Because I can make a lot of money, i have this thing in my mind that “i must own enough money so i can own it and not let it own me”

( yeah I know lawless is a movie name )

Summer goals/ To Do List

  1. write at least two short stories and start writing a long one  ♥♥
  2. Start Learning japanese 
  3. Lose 5 to 8 kg 
  4. Eat healthier
  5. G o out more 
  6. Get some guitar lessons 
  7. Read  …
  8. blog daily no matter what 
  9. Get my driver licence 
  10. BE CRAZY~~~~~~

it’s important to do this kind of silly thing let’s say to make things interesting plus when i come back here again and I’ve done those stuff it will be so satisfying