Road To Insanity

i will leave my dream and walk to another path, till someday i can live it with dignity but now, my people, my brothers, my sister they are stuck in the dark so i wanna light their way i wanna make them stand on thier feet again i wanna wake thier freedom and when i say wake that’s because no one can give freedom it’s born with us we are born free, but thier self-esteem is too low they look down on thier self that they think it’s a given not inside every one of them i see the humiliation in them i see thier humanity fading but at the same time fighting and they are good people i swear they just been blinded by failure, i wanna show them that we can raise again that we deserve a life that others are no better than us, we can change and we can look up and go higher…

i see it in their faces desperation all of them it’s like they gave up hope a long time ago even before they were born, they think they are nothing this is how i was raised in my society that am small that am buried under the dirt even before i die in our streets there is no life, they killed it in our schools when they killed knowledge, we are in a race but instead of going forward we are going backward..
today when i said i was free that we are free at least in our mind even if we are killed even if we are hurt we are free we can be free because we are free they laughed at me and i felt sad because i’ve seen them getting murdered with every word and i felt what a shame, that if the youth, the future of our nation felt like this what future really we have it seemed so dark and i knew that it’s going to be hard for one candle to light that black, i know am not alone, i know there is others even them the blind deep down inside they want to breath even if one breath will take their lives, i will walk this path and i will try my hardest to change the world at least my world, at least our world that we can live the life of the living, that our kids one day won’t dream like we did of the day we actually die that they won’t feel like hell is better than this hell..