Land Of The Lost Dreams

today i talked to this guy..
he frustrated me, but he got a point am all talk while he did something he is on a journey to turn his dream to reality while am here talking about my dreams i will be 19 in days and still i didn’t do anything he asked me “what are your achievements” we are the same age made me rethink things i wasted a lot of time doing nothing surrounded myself with those who don’t wanna go forward, and i myself gave up on those dreams maybe because deep down i fear them, i need to start working hard and become hard on myself because god am so soft and i didn’t even know that am even soft with those around me, i may act all tough but if they look my way they will see how of a nice person i am admitting things is painful, and nice people always get hurt of course am not all nice but let’s say i have that weak spot for people sadness and i don’t wanna hurt other , and i care too much, but even thought all that is hidden i wanna change it because i hate it, i wanna be strong, because this journey is going to be long..
i wanna do my best for my own good so i don’t regret it another day..

Hope, i was given hope with those harsh words…


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