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Our friendship is dying don’t you think, i don’t know why but it’s becoming colder and now that you are leaving i have mixed feelings, i don’t want you to go i still love you it’s just that our friendship is not as strong anymore..

But, you are the only person that i feel comfortable around and comfortable to tell things to, everything that comes to my mind and i wish you are the same i said i won’t miss you and i acted like i don’t care or rather cold or angry because i don’t want you to see my sadness, and because as your best friend i want to be happy for you and i don’t wanna be selfish, you will be better if you leave and you will have a better life and a better future, who knows you will go there and you will meet new people and make new friends and probably forget about me but i won’t. you will be always that special person for me, it will be even more lonely without you, heavier and i will always act as i don’t care, like it’s nothing, i just hope people stop asking me about you because it will hard to answer every time with a it’s nothing face, years passed so fast and now we are older, life is running so fast so let’s make the best of this shitty world


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