Rainy thoughts


someone once told me there is two types of people who are remembered the most, the best and the worst, the hero and the evil character, the smartest and the dumbest, the faster and the slowest, the stronger and the weaker, and those in the middle are just filling the empty spots, they are just people with no importance, they are just there to be there, their existence have no importance, right now am in the middle but in the future i believe with all my heart that i will be one of those who stand in front of the crowd but i will be different from those beside me i won’t just stand there and shine on my own, i will make the light shines on those in front of me i will get them out of that darkness because i know how hard and painful it is to be a nobody to be someone else’s chair, to see other human just like you whom their lives matter more than yours..
the other day i was in the bus watching outside of the window and for some reason i started feeling sad, like all the sadness of the world held grip of my heart, and for some reason tears started dripping out of my eyes, i was fine i didn’t know why i started crying out of no where, it wasn’t because of me but because i felt sorry for this place that was crying but no one around me seem to hear it they seemed fine, this place wasn’t sad because of its own pain but because himself felt sorry for me living in this world with so short time to do anything about it, am caged here in this body in this place in this world, caged in time, walking a step closer to death each day with every breathe