Who cares

Wanting to change, i wanted to make more friends become nicer and more friendly and that made me blind and even lose myself along the way ..

For the first time i cared what others think about me not just that but i was bothered by it and over thinking it, i’m different i know, i’m unique that’s the most think i love about myself but that made me lose it for a while, this is just a losing battle to please others because that will never happen, and won’t make me happy, because the person i need to please is yourself..

So what if I’m weird, what if i sing out loud and in front of people, what if i’m honest about every thing what if i’m not interested in stupid stuff like those in my age what if i’m sometime over serious, what if i’m mature for my age, i don’t really care if you think am boring because i’m quiet, crazy because i do whatever i want when i feel like it that’s who i am, if i want to change that doesn’t mean to delete everything special about me


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