Let’s see love, the romantic type, I’m not really interested in that i think love comes when it’s time comes, when we need it but right now i don’t that’s why am not into romance, i don’t think about dating anymore, even though sometimes when i see couples and i see them happy i wonder what am missing.

For now i have things that are more important than having a relationship with someone, I’m in love with my dreams,my mother, and friendship, i wanna be strong for those things, even though i’m empty and i can’t get myself to even like anyone or even have a crush on anyone, maybe because i didn’t meet the one, because i’m busy and i’m pretty sure he is too ..

I know it’s silly  but sometimes i think about him, the guy i will meet in the future, the one who will understand me and be the man who is worth being around not some selfish asshole like my father, you see there is one most important thing i want in that guy i want him to be different from my father, i want him to be a better father for our kids than mine i don’t want anything than a better father for them, i wanna admire that in him when the time comes .

It must be crazy but I’m in love with this guy even before i met him , and i wonder what he is doing, who is he with, is his life hard, is he crazy enough to think about the girl he never met too, is he working hard for his dreams?? who knows ..

But i know one thing that when i see him i will know it’s him, then it will be the time to open my heart but for now i will keep it sealed for him

I’m being cheesy but that’s part of being honest, my goal for this blog


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