sometimes it’s okay for us to be bad as long as it’s going to makes us feel better or make someone feel better
i wanna die.
Natural death, i don’t wanna kill myself, i just want my time to come because i had enough, enough of this pain, and this depression when i can’t even name one reason for it, my life is going fine now but yet i wanna die so bad i want this thing called life to end i wanna stop breathing, it’s not like i feel alive to start with.
i just feel dead inside, it’s so cold inside, just like when the soul abandoned the body, it seems like mine just left, a long time ago and never told me why, just left…
it’s the worst this feeling i have, because you can’t heal it or stop it, because you can’t even know what’s causing it.


2 thoughts on “Emptiness

  1. I’ve felt this way. My dogs kept me going. It got better for me. I don’t know if you want to hear how to make it better. Sometimes, things in your life and feelings your having need to just work themselves out.


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