Nightmare Hope

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I don’t know you maybe curious about my blog name or am just finding an excuse to talk about it, what am good or maybe the only thing am confidence about is making stories i use since i was a kid to make stories not write it but imagine it in my mind, believe me or not am so good at coming up with stories that i actually make one every day or even more in one day i just lay in my bad, it’s just like watching a movie sometime i can see it in my mind and see people in my movie-mind that i never seen before i don’t know if you understand what i mean anyway i was good at coming up with many but i don’t know if i share it with people if they will like it or not, i still remember my first story when i remember it it’s quite stupid will a 5 years old kid story about stars about a girl who dreamed to fly and touch the stars, that girl would go every day in the roof of her house and try to fly she would stay all night trying to do it but sadly she couldn’t because the sun took their place the mean sun that curly burned her skin, made her tired and thirsty but in her heart she knew that the star will come again, will wait for her till she learn to fly and she kept that hope…

I don’t really remember if she ever did get to the star for the kid me maybe she did or maybe she wouldn’t because i probably tried to fly and couldn’t..

Anyway nightmare hope is a sad story  will most my stories are like that maybe i will publish it if i had the courage to who knows…


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